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What's Gas metal Arc Welding?

Gas metals arc welding, GMAW for brief, is one of the most commonly utilized welding approaches, with the welding cord as well as welding parts of the arc as a warm resource, it melt the welding cable and base steel and also the distribution of inert gas or energetic shielding gas to the welding loc…

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What's TIG welding?

TIG Welding is the acronym of Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, tungsten electrode is the core of TIG welding, Tungsten has the highest melting factor of any kind of metal-- 3,380 ° C-- which implies the electrode can give off an arc to heat or melt a work surface without melting itself.the tungsten will …

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Why the protecting gas is necessary for welding?

Welding gas mostly describes the safety gas used in gas secured welding (carbon dioxide gas secured welding, inert gas protected welding) and also the gas utilized in welding as well as cutting, consisting of inert gas argon (Ar), helium (He), compound gas carbon dioxide (CO2), molecular gas oxygen …

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